Resident Dies From Sepsis—Home Sued by Family for Negligence and Wrongful Death

In recent news that our Maryland nursing home neglect lawyers have been following, a Convalescent Center is being sued by the family of a resident, after alleged nursing home negligence led to the decline of health of the resident’s health.

According to the lawsuit, Helen Hammes became sick after receiving improper care while she resided at the care facility. The lawsuit claims that the home failed to develop a care plan that was comprehensive, failed to transfer Hammes to another nursing facility, and neglected to monitor her bowel movement after showing signs of polyuria, a problem with the overproduction of urine. The home is also being accused of failing to follow the physician’s orders by performing a rectal exam, and failing to discontinue diuretic therapy even after the patient experienced dehydration.

The lawsuit claims several violations of the state Nursing Home Care Act, and claims that Hammes suffered physical pain and developed sepsis as a result of the improper care.

As our lawyers have reported in a previous Maryland nursing home blog post, sepsis is a deadly blood disease that develops when an infection in the body spreads quickly—causing blood poisoning, tissue damage and often organ failure. It is reported that every year, over 200,000 people die from different forms of sepsis. Sepsis is dangerous with nursing home residents, as their immune systems are often weak.

The wrongful death and negligence lawsuit is seeking $50,000 for the nursing home negligence, plus costs.

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Lawsuit claims neglect led to resident’s health decline, My Journal, July 16 2011

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