Hospital to Pay $5.4M in Bedsore Injury Lawsuit

Our Frederick County nursing home negligence lawyers have been following the recent announcement that a New York State jury has awarded over $5 million in monetary damages in a negligence case, after a patient at the Staten Island University Hospital and the Golden Gate Rehabilitation and Health Care Center reportedly developed severe and untreated bedsores that caused great suffering while staying at both facilities.

According to the lawsuit, Robert Messina. 63, was staying at the hospital and rehabilitation center after a brain dysfunction caused him to collapse in August of 2006. While a resident of both facilities, Messina reportedly developed pressure sores, or bedsores, that caused him to lose the ability to walk and led to a hip infection.

Messina claims in the lawsuit that the bedsores went untreated and developed into massive ulcers affecting his buttocks, genitals, mouth and ankles, leading to a spinal ulcer and a bone infection, or osteomyelitis.

In a related Baltimore nursing home injury lawyer blog, our attorneys discussed the danger of bedsores in nursing homes, and the importance of detecting and treating pressure ulcers early, to prevent the life-threatening infections that can stem from the advanced stages of bed sores like sepsis, a blood infection, and osteomyelitis, a bacterial infection of the bone.

Bedsores often develop with nursing home residents, or long term care residents who are immobile or have difficulty moving, as the blood flow is often restricted on areas of skin where there is prolonged pressure. The most common pressure sore areas are on bony places on the body like ankles, elbows, the spine, and the tailbone.

Messina claimed in the lawsuit that he lost the ability to walk due to a dislocated hip, and he cannot undergo hip replacement surgery until the infection caused by the bedsores is entirely healed.

The New York Supreme Court jury found that the hospital would be responsible for 75% of Messina’s injury, which would amount to about $4 million, and the rehabilitation center would be responsible for 25% of the injuries.

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