University of Maryland Study Shows Correlation Between Patient Turnover and Poor Nursing Home Quality

Earlier this month, two studies came out of the University of Maryland that examined why many nursing homes are providing inadequate care to their residents. The answer will probably not surprise many who have stayed in a nursing home themselves or had a loved one stay in a nursing home: The studies show that high turnover rates among staff members have a detrimental effect on overall nursing home quality, as well as the quality of care offered by the nursing home.

A recent article by Infection Control Today details a few of the studies’ findings, including one that suggests high Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) turnover results in an increase chance that a patient will suffer from a pressure ulcers, pain, or a urinary tract infection. The basis conclusion of both studies is that preventing nursing home staff turnover should be a higher priority for nursing home management.

Nursing Home Management in Maryland

While these studies indicate that an increase in CNA turnover increases the odds of health problems in nursing home patients, the fault does not all lie with the individual CNAs. Nursing home management is charged with making many of the staffing decisions that lead to the high turnover in the first place. If nursing home management does not create a healthy, pleasant working environment, high turnover is inevitable.

Moreover, it may be that nursing home facilities that do not foster good working environments also do not foster healthy environments for their patients.

Nursing Homes’ Duty to Their Patients

By accepting patients in return for a fee, nursing homes assume a duty to provide the expected level of care to all their patients. In many cases, however, Maryland nursing homes cut corners, resulting in a level of care that is below an acceptable level. In many of these cases, patients suffer; whether it be physically, mentally, or both.

There is no need to accept this level of care for your loved one. If you believe that your loved one is being provided inadequate care by a nursing home facility, contact an experienced Maryland nursing home attorney today.

What To Do if Your Loved One is Experiencing Inadequate Care

If your loved one is a patient in a nursing home and is complaining to you about the level of care they are being provided, you should do all that you can to verify the information and remove your loved one from the facility before it is too late. An experienced Maryland personal injury attorney can help you understand the duties that nursing homes have to their patients and the repercussions of failing to live up to such duties. In many cases, nursing home residents who suffer injuries due to the negligent care of a nursing home are able to recover monetary damages from the nursing home facility. To speak to an experienced and dedicated Maryland personal injury lawyer, click here or call 410-654-3600 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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