Protecting Maryland Nursing Home Residents During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Individuals across the world are beginning to experience the devastating impact of Covid-19, commonly known as the novel coronavirus. The new strain of the virus has been identified in every state and is linked to the death of over 150 U.S. residents. Out of these deaths, at least 40 are connected to a single nursing center in Washington, and residents of other long-term care facilities. The widespread exposure throughout these nursing facilities shines a light on the fundamental problems nursing homes have containing the spread of disease. Maryland nursing homes should take the necessary precautions to limit the spread of these types of fast-spreading diseases and infections.

The coronavirus shares some similarities to the flu in that it quickly spreads through person-to-person contact or through respiratory droplets. Further, although the flu can be severe and have high rates of mortality, experts have years of studying the flu and generally know what to expect each season. In contrast, relatively little is known about the new virus and the diseases it causes. However, it is clear that, like the flu, the disease is highly contagious and spreads quickly.

Maryland nursing homes should follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for preventing the spread of disease. These diseases thrive and spread quickly in confined spaces, such as, assisted-living facilities and long-term care facilities. Healthcare workers must follow strict procedures to prevent serious illnesses, injuries, and deaths to their residents. Nursing home workers should practice proper hand hygiene, wear protective equipment, restrict visitors from contacting infected patients, and prevent infected healthcare staff from contacting patients. Nursing homes that do not engage in these practices may be responsible for the spread and consequences of a virus.

If someone contracts an infection or viral illness at a Maryland nursing home, they or their loved one may have a valid personal injury claim against the facility or staff member. Nursing homes that do not abide by CDC guidelines and mandates may be responsible for damages that their negligence causes. For example, nursing homes may be accountable if they do not require their staff to wear protective equipment, or allow sick staff to be in contact with residents. Similarly, nursing home staff may be responsible if they fail to engage in safe practices that the facility put into place. These parties may be liable for various negligence and wrongful death theories.

Has Your Loved One Experienced Abuse or Neglect at a Maryland Nursing Home?

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