Physical and Verbal Abuse, Fall-related Injuries Investigated in New York Nursing Homes

The Mid-Hudson News Network has recently reported that a series of nursing home abuse investigations by the New York State Attorney General and the State Office Medicaid Inspector General has led to the discharges and surrendering of allegedly abusive and negligent registered nurses in Liberty and Rhinebeck, New York.

In one investigation, a Long Term Care Community Coalition report claimed that registered nurse Myrna Siegel, who was working at the Sullivan County Adult Care Facility, physically and verbally abused patients by allegedly holding residents down and calling them offensive names. In another case Siegel reportedly threatened a resident with death who was unwilling to take his medication. After the investigation, Siegel reportedly gave up her license.

In two other nursing home abuse and neglect cases investigated by the New York State Attorney General, Stephen Thomas and Christopher Post, two certified nurse assistants at Ferncliff Nursing Home, were involved in the nursing home fall of a 94-year old patient who broke his arm during the nursing home transport. Thomas allegedly asked Post to claim that he helped move the patient with him, as he was alone when the nursing home injury occurred. Both aides received unconditional discharges and surrendered their CNA certificates.

As our Maryland nursing home injury attorney blog has reported previously, according to the National Counsel on Elder Abuse and the NCCNHR, types of nursing home abuse often found in homes and facilities include physical, verbal, emotional and psychological, as well as neglect, abandonment, intimidation or exploitation.

In fifty states across the country there are laws prohibiting nursing home abuse and elder abuse, and under federal nursing home law, all residents should receive quality attention, healthcare and treatment that is free from negligence, abuse or any criminal acts. Nursing homes are also required by law to engage in monitoring and intervention strategies so the safety of residents and patients is maintained at all times, in a nursing home or long-term health facility environment where neglect and abuse are not present.

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County nursing home RN charged with abusing patients, surrenders license, Mid-Hudson News, August 3, 2011

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