Maryland Nursing Homes Are Still Being Hit Hard by Coronavirus

Nursing homes continue to be hit hard by the coronavirus. Across the U.S., over 40 percent of deaths in the country are linked to nursing homes. In Maryland nursing homes, the numbers are even higher. As of September 25, there have been 2,146 deaths across the state in nursing homes, group homes, and assisted living facilities, which accounts for 57% of the total deaths in the state. Maryland has seen 753 resident deaths and 7 staff deaths during the week of September 23.

According to a recent news report, one nursing home in Sykesville, Maryland is facing hundreds of dollars in fines after the state found it failed to isolate residents and notify staff during an outbreak. For example, the facility moved an exposed resident to a room with a negative resident, who both later tested positive. Some newly admitted residents also were not isolated, despite having sufficient rooms to do so. Maryland nursing home residents may be able to take action against the facility based on its failure to protect and properly care for residents.

Other states have explored solutions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in long-term care facilities. As one news source reported, in New Mexico, the state worked with a healthcare operator to set up a nursing home that it dedicated to treating long-term care patients infected with the coronavirus. It was set up to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in long-term care facilities in the state. Deaths in nursing homes in New Mexico make up 34% of the total deaths in the state.

In Maryland, nursing homes must follow state and federal regulations if they accept Medicare and Medicaid patients. Under federal regulations, Maryland nursing homes are required to provide adequate medical care to residents, by taking steps such as investigating and controlling infections in the facility, maintaining a record of infections, isolating patients who contract a communicable disease, and reporting diseases and infections to local health officials. The CDC has issued guidance on controlling COVID-19 in nursing homes.

Maryland nursing homes that fail to adequately prevent the spread of the virus or to properly treat or care for patients may be liable for injuries residents suffer as a result. In general, a plaintiff has to establish that the nursing home failed to meet its duty to care for the resident by failing to provide adequate care under the circumstances. COVID-19 nursing home residents and their families may be able to bring a claim against a long-term care facility for negligence, wrongful death, or another cause of action.

Has Your Loved One Contracted COVID-19?

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