Maryland Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect May Be More Common at For-Profit Nursing Homes, New Study Finds

When someone is searching for a Maryland nursing home to place a loved one, it’s likely that a facility’s status as for-profit or non-profit is not high on the list of priorities. Typically, the difficult decision of where to place a loved one who needs part- or full-time care is made based on location, price, and the services offered. Many families may not even think to look into the for- or non-profit status of the facility, instead prioritizing finding a place nearby where their loved one feels safe, or perhaps even knows people already there.

However, a recent study might make Maryland families rethink their priorities when searching for a nursing home. According to the study, senior residents in for-profit nursing homes are almost two times as likely to have health problems linked to poor care, compared to those living in non-profit  homes. Additionally, among residents studied at for-profit homes, there were more clinical signs of neglect, such as dehydration in clients with feeding tubes, broken catheters, bedsores, and improperly managed medications.

The leading researcher in charge of the study believes the results show that more oversight is needed in nursing homes, especially for-profit homes. However, the U.S. government is currently considering rolling back existing regulations meant to protect nursing home residents. The existing regulations were put into place to improve resident safety and well-being, to prevent nursing home neglect and abuse, and to improve reporting systems when neglect and abuse do happen. Tragically, the last part is very important—incidents of nursing home abuse and neglect often go unreported, as residents may either be too frail and ill to understand what is happening to them, or may fear retaliation if they report.

While Maryland families may want to consider putting their loved one in a non-profit nursing home instead of a for-profit or private home, this alone cannot guarantee that the resident will be safe from abuse and neglect. Tragically, incidents of abuse and neglect occur even in non-profit homes, and still are likely to be unreported. When this occurs, there is nothing that can undo the damage caused. However, state law allows residents to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover financially for the damage. Going up against a large nursing home corporation can be scary and intimidating, however, and so those considering filing suit should contact an experienced personal injury attorney familiar with these claims.

Has a Loved One Recently Suffered From Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect?

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