Maryland Nursing Home Neglect Puts Residents At Risk of Freezing to Death

When Maryland families move a loved one into a Maryland nursing home, they are entrusting the home and the staff to take care of their loved one, to keep them safe, healthy, and comfortable. Tragically, however, nursing home neglect is a significant problem in nursing homes across the country, and Maryland is no exception.

Nursing home neglect can take many forms. Perhaps staff members fail to check up on a sick resident every hour, as they are supposed to, and as a result, the resident suffers alone with no one realizing. Neglect can also be medical neglect—failing to take medical concerns seriously, or administer medication on time. Sometimes neglect can simply be leaving the resident alone when they are in dangerous circumstances.

For a tragic example of neglect, take a recent nursing home death where a 90-year-old woman was found dead outside her nursing home one morning. According to a local news article covering the incident, the resident allegedly got into an argument with a staff member at the nursing home one night and walked outside to get some space. The next morning, she was found dead on a bench on the property. Temperatures that night dropped to around 26 degrees, and it is suspected that the resident froze to death. The resident’s family was not even contacted by the nursing home—they found out of the death only through the local coroner’s office.

The above case, like all instances of nursing home neglect, is incredibly tragic, both for the deceased and for her family. Nursing homes, however, are not always held responsible when instances such as this one occur. Those whose loved one is injured or even killed due to neglect do have the option of filing a personal injury suit against the nursing home, but they don’t always do so. But these cases can be incredibly important—sometimes even essential—for a family to get their life back on track. Nursing home neglect causes physical and psychological harm, yes, but also financial harm to victims and their families. In the aftermath of the neglect, the family may have to pay thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, in medical bills. They may also have expenses related to funeral and burial costs. Filing a personal injury lawsuit against the nursing home responsible for the damage done can result in monetary compensation for the family to cover these costs and more.

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