Two Nursing Home Workers Arrested Following Beating of Resident

It can be an incredibly difficult decision to trust the care of your loved ones in a care facility. Entering into the process is always easier when you know you can trust the staff members at a facility. As people age, it can sometimes be necessary to consider nursing homes and other care facilities as an option. An unfortunate reality in the nursing home business is that understaffing has led to a string of elder abuse throughout the nation.

Who Should You Contact if You Suspect Elder Abuse?

In Maryland, the appropriate program to contact if you suspect your family member or loved one is suffering from abuse is the Maryland Adult Protective Services (APS). APS investigates the exploitation and abuse of adults and elderly individuals throughout the state, including physical, mental, emotional, and financial abuse. Common signs of abuse include unexplained bruising, burning, scarring, depression, confusion, or dramatic changes in spending habits. Simply staying in close contact with your family member or loved one can tip you off to these common symptoms and could potentially save lives. It is important to remember that abuse can be perpetrated by a loved one, caregivers, and staff at a nursing home facility.

A recent news article detailed an elder abuse event.

According to a recent news piece, two nursing home workers were arrested in Florida following the discovery of surveillance footage that showed them whipping an elderly resident. Law enforcement officials involved in the case issued a statement regarding the event, stating that the two women, aged 21 and 19, were arrested and charged with two counts of battery on a person 65 years of age or older. The pair have also been suspended from work pending official termination. The surveillance footage reveals the two workers grabbing an elderly resident as he was pushing a female resident in her wheelchair. After grabbing him, they took him to the ground, causing the wheelchair with the female resident in it to tip and fall. They both then ran away from the incident and out of view of the camera, leaving both elderly residents laying on the ground. The two workers later reported the incident to their co-workers, but fabricated the events, stating that the male resident had battered the female resident, claiming that they were not involved. Fortunately, neither of the elderly residents involved was seriously injured.

Do You Need a Maryland Elder Abuse Attorney?

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