The Reality of Nursing Home Neglect in Maryland

As we approach the holiday season, one family’s story reminds us of the harsh reality faced by countless elderly individuals in nursing homes. According to a recently published neww report, an elderly woman who had been known as the architect of perfect family Christmases, found herself at Mt. Lebanon Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, where her life took a devastating turn. Frail, confused, and suffering 35 falls within a year, Cross succumbed to her injuries on March 14, 2022. Her daughter now advocates for change and has filed a lawsuit against the facility.

This story is uniquely tragic, but is also emblematic of a nationwide crisis in long-term care, exacerbated by unprecedented staffing shortages. The news source’s analysis of 168 nursing homes reveals alarming statistics. Over half received “below average” or “much below average” ratings from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Shockingly, 13% appeared on a little-known list of facilities flagged for abuse or neglect.

What Recourse Do Families Affected By Nursing Home Neglect Have Against Facilities?

For those considering legal recourse, stories like Cross’s emphasize the urgency of seeking justice. Lebowitz and Mzhen, Maryland’s distinguished nursing home abuse attorneys, are poised to navigate the complexities of your case. The dire situation in Pennsylvania may serve as a wake-up call for Maryland residents to scrutinize nursing home conditions and question the care their loved ones receive

The Federal Government Updated the Staffing Guidelines in 2023

According to a government press release, the US federal government, through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, recently modified their guidelines for minimum staffing levels at nursing homes. The proposed rule for nursing home staffing comprises three main components: 1) establishing minimum nurse staffing standards, with a requirement of 0.55 hours per resident day (HPRD) for Registered Nurses and 2.45 HPRD for Nurse Aides ; 2) mandating the presence of an RN onsite 24/7; and 3) introducing enhanced facility assessment requirements. The proposal also includes a phased implementation plan and potential hardship exemptions for certain facilities. This rule is a result of a comprehensive approach to determine the necessary staffing levels for safe and quality care in Long-Term Care (LTC) facilities. Additionally, the proposed rule aims to enhance public transparency regarding the percentage of Medicaid payments allocated to compensation for direct care workers and support staff in nursing facilities and intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. This transparency provision aligns with a similar initiative in Medicaid home and community-based services.

Uniting Against Nursing Home Neglect

As Maryland residents, we must demand accountability, transparency, and justice for our loved ones. Lebowitz and Mzhen’s commitment to representing victims of nursing home abuse positions them as advocates in the fight against neglect, ensuring that no family endures the pain suffered by countless families in recent years,

For the families of those affected and the broader community, this lawsuit underscores the need for change and accountability within the nursing home system. It’s a clarion call for justice and a demand for reforms that prioritize the dignity, safety, and health of elderly residents.

Are You Worried About a Loved One in a Maryland Nursing Home?

If you’re concerned about a loved one’s treatment at a Maryland nursing home or other skilled care facility, reach out to a nursing home malpractice attorney at Lebowitz and Mzhen to discuss your case. Our qualified elder abuse and neglect attorneys fight for the dignity of our clients and their families. We represent clients in Baltimore, Prince George’s, Charles and Montgomery counties. Contact our office at 800-654-1949 to schedule a no-obligation consultation with a dedicated lawyer from Lebowitz and Mzhen today.

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