What a Rapid Deterioration of a Loved One’s Condition May Mean

Nursing homes are a necessity in today’s busy society. With so many dual-income households, and the advancement of complex medical technology, it becomes difficult if not impossible to care for aging loved ones as they require more and more assistance. When aging loved ones reach a point in their lives at which they need constant care, a nursing home is one of the few options available.

Generally speaking, nursing homes are not known for the quality of care they provide the elderly. With daily reports of abuse and neglect, it is difficult to find a satisfactory home in which to place a loved one. However, ultimately a home must be selected.

When an elderly loved one is placed into a nursing home, it may be tempting to think that any deterioration of their condition is due to their new surroundings. After all, they are no longer in the comfort of their own home, and they may not be operating on their own schedule any longer. To be sure, this may cause some discomfort at first. However, assuming that a rapid deterioration in a loved one’s health is due to their new environment is a mistake that may cost an elderly loved one dearly, since often a rapid deterioration in health is a sign of nursing home neglect.

Nursing Home Sued for Neglect

Earlier this year, a California nursing home was sued by the daughter of an elderly woman who passed away while in the care of the nursing facility. According to one local news report covering the incident, the elderly woman died just five weeks after being admitted to the home. Evidently, she was admitted for rehabilitative care after suffering from some chest pains. At the time of her admission, her lungs were clear and in good condition.

Just five weeks later the elderly woman was rushed to the hospital with pneumonia, dehydration, and a body temperature of just 80 degrees. Her condition was so bad, in fact, that doctors suspected that she had been neglected and put these observations in their notes. While the result of the lawsuit is still pending, the woman is seeking unspecified monetary damages for the suffering of her mother.

Has Your Loved One Suffered in a Maryland Nursing Home?

If you have a loved one in a Maryland nursing home, and you suspect that their deteriorating condition was due to either nursing home abuse or neglect, your loved one or you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Nursing homes are required to provide residents with a certain level of care, which includes providing the basic necessities of life. If you have noticed your loved one’s condition slipping, call the Maryland nursing home attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers at 410-654-3600 to set up a free consultation. Calling is free and will not result in any obligation on your part unless we are successful in helping you or your loved one recover compensation.

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