Potentially Egregious Case of Nursing Home Abuse under Investigation

A man was shocked to recently discover that his grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, received extensive facial injuries, including a gruesome looking gash on her head, while living in a residential care facility. The victim is 88 years old, and wheelchair bound.

It remains unclear when or how the woman suffered the injuries. Her family members are hoping that it was some sort of terrible accident, rather than blatantly violent abuse. Police and other governmental officials are continuing an investigation into the matter. The investigation is said to be focusing on who was present around the time the injury occurred, and will consult those individuals who might have more information.

Additionally, news sources revealed that the nursing home where the woman was living has been cited several times in the past by Texas State officials responsible for regulating the home.

Among prior offenses, the home was previously cited for the following:

  • April 2011: the facility was cited for providing sub-standard care, and was forced to pay a $2,405 penalty
  • February 2012: the facility was again cited for providing sub-standard care, and was forced to pay a $6,500 penalty. Additionally, the state agency refused to pay the facility for admissions for almost an entire month last year.
  • March 2012: the department verified a complaint of mental and verbal abuse against a patient, but did not require the home to pay any fines. In that case, the agency found that the employee was solely at fault, as the proper protocols and procedures were in place.

    The injuries that this poor woman has sustained are shocking and terrifying. While it remains unclear how they were sustained, considering how extensive they appear to be at face value, it seems that even if there was no malicious abuse, negligence is a strong second place possibility. Nursing homes owe their patients a duty to make sure that they are safe; this is true whether they are protecting them from other patients, or even themselves. In this case, we know that the woman was elderly, may have had underlying health conditions which necessitated her being wheelchair bound, and also suffered from Alzheimer’s. A common type of negligence in this sort of factual scenario may be a failure to adequately supervise a woman who may forget she is unable to walk, and then attempts to get out of her chair, causing her to fall to the ground and suffer injuries. There must be a plan in place to ensure that these sorts of things do not happen.

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