Nursing Home Sued For Negligence after Patient Died from Pressure Sore Complication

According to recent news that our Baltimore nursing home attorneys have been following, a nursing home in West Virginia is being sued for negligence, after a patient living in the home for three years allegedly experienced neglect and wrongful death.

HCR Manorcare is reportedly being sued by Angela Black, claiming that family member Arcel Rose was neglected while living at the home from 2006 until his death in 2009. Black claims that the nursing home caused Rose’s deterioration of health and physical condition beyond what is caused by the normal process of aging—leading to dehydration, infections, pressure sores, malnutrition and death.

Black claims that while under the nursing home’s care, Rose experienced serious emotional and physical trauma, causing extreme and unnecessary pain, degradation, unnecessary hospitalizations, disfigurement, and loss of personal dignity.

As our attorneys have discussed in a related Maryland nursing home lawyer blog, pressure sores pose serious threat to nursing homes across the country, with around one million people affected every year, causing nearly 60,000 deaths from complications of the advanced bed sore development. As our lawyers have previously discussed, with proper nursing home care and prevention, pressure ulcers are entirely preventable and even reversible, if they are discovered quickly enough and given the immediate treatment and environment for proper healing.

If a Baltimore resident in Maryland assisted living or nursing home experiences an injury or dies of nursing home neglect, the home could be responsible for Maryland nursing home negligence or wrongful death. Contact our lawyers at Lebowitz and Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation about Maryland nursing home rights.

Woman sues HCR Manorcare for nursing home negligence, The West Virginia Record, April 28, 2011

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