Nursing Home Negligence Causes Pregnancy—Daughter of Schizophrenic Resident Sues

As Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys in Maryland, and the Washington D.C. area, we have been following a recent lawsuit, where the daughter of a schizophrenic woman is suing a nursing home for neglecting to take proper care of her mother—who was impregnated under the nursing home’s care.

Tekia Daniels filed a nursing home negligence lawsuit against Monroe Pavilion Health and Treatment Center, after her mother Felicia Daniels became pregnant. According to Daniels, the staff claimed that her mother had engaged in consensual sex, and that many patients have relationships in the center.

Daniels claimed that her mother is mentally unstable, incapable of consent, and unable make decisions for herself—that it is the job of the nursing home facility to protect her from the sexual advances of others and from sexual activity. The lawsuit seeks damages in excess of $50,000.

According to the suit, the long-term residential care facility for the mentally ill has violated the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act by neglecting to prevent a resident or employee from engaging in sexual actions with the patient. Under the act, a resident is not deprived of any of the benefits, rights or privileges guaranteed by law, by the Constitution of the State of Illinois, or the by the Constitution of the United States—based on the status of being a resident of a facility.

Felicia Daniels, was institutionalized in 1996 after being found not guilty for stabbing her stepfather to death by reason of insanity. Daniels, 42, a mother and grandmother, is now seven months pregnant in the nursing home, and unable to care for the baby.

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