Nursing Home Employee Facing Assault Charges for the Abuse of a Resident

Earlier this month in Pennsylvania, a nursing home employee was charged with the assault of an elderly patient for whom she was in charge of caring for. According to a report by a local news agency, the nursing home employee was employed by Guardian Elder Care Center.

The court documents indicate that the patient got into a fight with the nursing aide, and the aide eventually covered her face with a pillow, took some of her belongings, and the left her room. The aide responded that the patient was scratching and biting her, and she held down the patient to prevent injury to herself. She denies covering the patient’s face with a pillow.

The elderly patient, who suffers from dementia, did not suffer permanent injury although she was traumatized by the incident. Other patients in the nursing home have expressed their surprise that the aide lashed out the way she did, explaining “I’m shocked. I didn’t think she was, I didn’t think she was that type. She didn’t look like the mean type.”

The nursing home is currently investigating their own investigation into the incident, explaining that “The facility is working in conjunction with local law enforcement and all other appropriate regulatory agencies to ensure ongoing resident safety.”

Although she suffers from dementia, the woman was able to identify the aide in question and coherently describe the events that took place.

Nursing Home Abuse in Maryland

Due to the lack of consistent oversight, nursing home abuse and neglect are rampant in Maryland nursing homes. There is often very little nursing home residents can do to prevent or report abuse or neglect that they suffer, especially with their limited contact to the outside world. This makes it all the more important that friends and family members take all reports of nursing home abuse and neglect seriously.

Nursing Homes’ Duty to Their Patients

All nursing homes accept a legal duty to provide responsible care for the patients they accept. Of course, this means refraining from physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. However, in addition, it creates an affirmative duty to provide adequate care as well. When nursing home employees fail to provide adequate care, and that failure results in the injury or death of a patient, they have failed to live up to their legal duty and may be held responsible in a Maryland court of law.

Do You Have a Loved One Suffering in a Maryland Nursing Home?

If your loved one is currently suffering from abuse or neglect in a Maryland nursing home, you should take all measures to ensure their safety by removing them from the environment as soon as possible. Once you have established a safe environment for your loved one, contact a Maryland nursing home attorney to discuss the possibility of a cause of action against the abusive of neglectful nursing home. It may be that you or your loved one are entitled to a significant monetary award based on the nursing home’s failure to live up to their legal duty. Click here, or call 410-654-3600 today to schedule a free initial consultation with a dedicated Maryland nursing home attorney.

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