Nursing Home Video Catches Employees Abusing Elderly Patients

Earlier last month in Winter Park, Florida, two nursing home employees were caught on camera abusing a 76-year-old resident. According to one local news source, the two employees were seen on camera pretending to punch the man, stopping only inches from his face.

They were also seen holding the man down as they would grab his wrists and hit him with his own hands. When he tried to get away, they grabbed his wrists and prevented him from moving away. The employees also would pretend to hit the man with one hand, and then as he reacted they would hit him with their other hand.

The employees were caught engaging in this awful behavior by the man’s family, who had placed a “nanny cam” in the man’s room prior to the abuse. Both employees will face criminal charges for their role in the abuse of the nursing home resident.

Nanny Cams in Nursing Homes

Nanny cams have become massively popular in recent years with their increasing availability and decreasing cost. Under Supreme Court law, nanny cams are legal to place in your loved one’s rooms in nursing homes, even though the home is owned and operated by a third party. However, under the law, cameras in nursing homes cannot record sound. They are only permitted to record video.

It makes no difference, legally speaking, whether the camera is always recording or whether it is motion-activated. Some family members prefer to install motion-activated cameras to cut down on the amount of time it takes to review the footage. Others only review the footage when a problem is reported or suspected.

Catching an Abuser on Video

Once a nursing home employee is caught on tape abusing a resident, that resident or their family member will likely have a strong case against the nursing home for civil damages. In addition, as in the case described above, the employees will most likely face criminal charges for their conduct, depending on the severity.

Holding Nursing Homes Liable

Even with abuse caught on camera, nursing homes are not usually willing to settle a case without the involvement of attorneys. Therefore, if you have a loved one in a Maryland nursing home whom you know or suspect is being abused by the staff, make sure to speak with a dedicated Maryland nursing home attorney before proceeding.

Are You in Need of a Zealous Advocate?

If you fear that your loved one is in danger at the nursing home where he or she resides, the first thing to do is ensure his or her safety by removing your loved one from the threatening situation. After you know that your relative is safe, contact one of the dedicated nursing home attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers to set up an appointment to discuss what your options are. The skilled attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen have decades of combined experience bringing all kinds of cases against nursing homes, including those alleging nursing home abuse. To learn more, call 410-654-3600 and set up a free initial consultation with an attorney today.

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