Nursing Home Resident Sues Caretakers After Alleged Negligence Led to Penis Amputation

Earlier this month in Portland, Oregon, a man filed a lawsuit against a nursing home where he had previously resided, seeking $9 million in damages. According to one local Oregon news source, the allegations are that the nursing home’s negligent care led to a situation where the man’s penis needed to be amputated, due to an advanced kidney infection that spread to the man’s penis.

Evidently, the man was initially admitted to the nursing home to recover for a kidney infection. However, while he was there, he began to suffer from what he believed was an infection in his catheter. He notified nursing home staff members, but they allegedly failed to take his complaints seriously. Over time, the infection led to gangrene and eventually life-threatening septic shock. Ultimately, the man’s penis needed to be amputated as a result of the infection.

The lawsuit, which names the nursing home facility as well as the two individual nurses who were responsible for the man’s care, seeks $9 million in damages. Included in this figure is an amount of $1 million for the man’s wife for the loss of “affection society, assistance and companionship of her husband.”

Loss of Consortium, Companionship, and Related Claims

When a lawsuit is filed, there are a number of different kinds of damages that may be appropriate, depending on the circumstances that gave rise to the case. For example, a loss of consortium claim is one that is filed on behalf of the spouse of the injured party, seeking compensation when a seriously injured spouse can no longer fully participate in the marriage. Often, these claims arise when one spouse is seriously injured and can no longer participate in sexual activities. Loss of consortium claims are brought as a part of the main lawsuit, meaning that it is not a separate suit.

There are other claims that can be joined to an injured party’s claims, such as loss of companionship. Of course, these claims seek damages for the loss of friendship and association between the injured party and the person bringing the claim. Generally speaking, these claims are only able to be brought by close family members to the injured party. To learn more about auxiliary claims, contact a dedicated Maryland personal injury attorney.

Has Your Loved One Been Neglected in a Maryland Nursing Home?

If you have a loved one in a Maryland nursing home, and you believe that the treatment they have received is not up to the generally accepted standard across the industry, you may be entitled to monetary damages. Even if you are not the injured party, you may still be able to recover damages by filing an auxiliary claim that can be joined with the injured party’s claim. Of course, nursing homes and the staff members who are employed by the nursing homes almost always fight these claims, since they can result in significant payouts. Call 410-654-3600 to set up a free consultation with a dedicated nursing home attorney. Calling is free and results in no obligation to you.

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