Nursing Home Resident Dies After Developing Gangrene from Untreated Bedsores

A recently published news report discusses the tragic story of an 88-year-old man who passed away in August 2015 after developing gangrene in two improperly untreated pressure wounds, or bedsores, that significantly worsened while he was living at a nursing home. According to the report, the deceased man’s daughter-in-law discovered the wounds while visiting her father at the nursing facility and requested that he be taken by ambulance to a hospital for immediate treatment. Despite the request, the nursing home staff refused, insisting the wounds were minor and manageable. Against the advice of the nurses and employees at the nursing home, the resident’s daughter took him to the hospital herself.

The Man Was Not Hospitalized Soon Enough and Succumbed to a Gangrene Infection

Although his daughter took matters into her own hands and hospitalized the man after she discovered what appeared to be severely infected pressure wounds, the action was not taken soon enough to save his life. By the time the man arrived to the hospital, the infection had taken over, and his organs were shutting down. He passed away shortly after he was admitted. Seeking answers and compensation for the apparent negligence of the nursing home, the man’s daughter pursued elder abuse and nursing home neglect claims against the nursing facility. According to the report, the daughter alleged that the medical professionals and support staff at the nursing home failed to properly prevent, diagnose, or treat his condition, ultimately resulting in his death.

Nursing Homes Have a Duty to Monitor For Pressure Sores and Ensure Immobile Residents Are Moved Frequently

Pressure wounds and bedsores are some of the most commonly encountered medical problems in nursing homes and physical rehabilitation facilities, since elderly and recovering patients may be unable to move themselves without assistance. Nursing homes have a legal duty to monitor the condition of residents with limited mobility and ensure that their body positions are moved several times each day. If a patient is suffering from bedsores, the nursing facility may have an increased obligation to treat the problem and monitor the patient for signs of a potentially deadly infection. Unfortunately, many nursing facilities are understaffed, and staff members are often undertrained, which can result in wounds going unnoticed and patients being made victims of nursing home neglect.

Making the Case for Compensation after Experiencing Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home residents who have suffered from abuse or neglect and become injured or die as a result may be entitled to compensation from the responsible parties. Families of victims who consult with a Maryland nursing home abuse attorney may discover that they are entitled to a significant financial award as compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and the other devastating effects of nursing home abuse. Any family member or caretaker who suspects that a loved one has been a victim of nursing home neglect or abuse should contact a qualified legal representative to discuss possible legal action that could be taken.

Is Your Loved One a Victim of Nursing Home Neglect?

If you have a family member who is suffering or has suffered from injuries or death caused by the abuse or neglect of nursing home staff, the skilled Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. nursing home abuse attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers may be able to help you obtain compensation. Our skilled Maryland nursing home neglect attorneys understand the widespread problems that exist in the nursing home industry, and we take pride in fighting for our clients. At Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers, we represent clients in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the entire D.C. area in all nursing home abuse and neglect cases. Call us toll-free at 1-800-654-1949 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation today.

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