Nursing Home Fire Results in Several Residents Being Treated for Smoke Inhalation

Earlier this month in High Point, North Carolina, a fire broke out in a nursing home that resulted in four residents being taken to the hospital with varying degrees of smoke inhalation and burns. According to a report by one local news source, the fire broke out just after noon at the PruittHealth skilled nursing facility.

Evidently, the fire broke out in one of the patient’s rooms. The exact cause of the fire is unknown, but investigators told reporters that it could have been caused by an overloaded electrical outlet, possibly with multiple cell phone chargers plugged into it.

Investigators mentioned that the nursing facility had luckily recently installed an updated sprinkler system throughout the facility, which likely prevented the fire from spreading beyond the room in which it started. Prior to the installation of the system, the nursing home did not have any system in place to prevent the spread of fires.

The Responsibility of Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are responsible for the care of all their residents. Not only does this mean that nursing facilities are required to provide adequate medical care to their residents, but they also must make sure that they stay safe while on the premises. This may include installing and maintaining a properly updated sprinkler system to prevent the spread of any fires that start inside the home.

Lapses in Care at Nursing Homes

When a nursing home is operating with outdated safety equipment, whether it is fire-prevention equipment or medical equipment, the chances for a serious or fatal injury drastically increase. Each year there are thousands of instances of serious injuries at nursing homes that are caused by out-of-date equipment. In these cases, the nursing home may be held financially liable for the injuries that are caused by a result of its negligence.

Holding Nursing Homes Responsible

In order for a victim to hold a nursing home responsible for any failure in care, a plaintiff must prove that the nursing home was negligent in some way. In some cases, this can be proven by showing what level of care other comparable nursing homes provide. In other cases involving outdated safety equipment, a plaintiff may be able to point to what medical or safety equipment is standard in the industry.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured By a Negligent Nursing Home?

If you or a loved one has been injured while staying at a nursing home, you may be eligible for financial compensation based on the nursing home’s negligence. Nursing homes all have a duty to provide a proper level of care to all residents. When the level of provided care falls below the required level, and an injury results, the nursing home may be found financially liable. To learn more about nursing home negligence, speak to a dedicated Maryland nursing home attorney by calling 410-654-3600 to set up a free initial consultation about your potential case.

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