Nursing Home Employee Pleads Guilty to Abusing Non-Verbal Paraplegic Patient, Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison

Earlier last month, a Birmingham, Alabama man pleaded guilty to the assault of a elderly person and was sentenced to serve 18 months in jail. According to one local news source, the man’s sentence was actually for 10 years in prison, but the judge suspended all but 18 months of the prison term. However, the man will also be on supervised probation for four years after his release.

The charges stemmed from allegations that, back in 2012, the man and several other nursing home employees beat the paraplegic resident on the face and head. There was also evidence that the offenders removed the patient’s call button so he could not call for help. The others involved were acquitted of all criminal charges.

Separate and aside from the criminal charges, the patient’s mother filed a civil lawsuit for damages in 2014, naming all parties involved as well as the nursing home facility where the alleged abuse occurred. The lawsuit explains that prior to entering the facility, the patient suffered a major head injury that resulted in several brain surgeries, and, as a result, the patient was “both physically and mentally incapacitated.”

The lawsuit claims that four of the facility’s employees acted together to abuse the resident numerous times, such that “a pattern and practice of intentional infliction of emotional and physical abuse of plaintiff” could be shown. The result of the civil suit is still pending.

Nursing Home Abuse in Maryland

While this disturbing case took place in Alabama, the unfortunate fact is that many nursing homes in Maryland are no better than the one described in the article above. Each year, thousands of patients in nursing homes across the state are victimized in some way, whether it be through physical, psychological, or emotional abuse.

Thankfully, in Maryland the laws protect nursing home residents and allow them to seek financial compensation for their physical injuries and emotional anguish through a nursing home abuse lawsuit. These lawsuits are similar to other cases based on the legal theory of negligence and require that the plaintiff prove certain elements.

Often, the most difficult element to prove in a nursing home abuse case is the existence of the abuse. Since nursing home employees often cover for one another, discovering the abuse can be difficult. However, once it has been discovered and documented, financial recovery is often a possibility depending on the specific facts present in the case. To learn more, call a dedicated Maryland personal injury attorney.

Is Your Loved One the Victim of Nursing Home Abuse?

If you have a loved one in a Maryland nursing home and you fear that they may have been the victim of elder abuse, you should speak with a dedicated attorney at the Maryland personal injury law firm of Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers. The skilled advocates at Lebowitz & Mzhen have decades of experience enforcing the rights of Maryland nursing home residents and know what it takes to bring a successful case. Call 410-654-3600 today to set up a free consultation with an attorney.

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