Nursing Home Charged with Patient Death and Abuse After Four-Week Inspection

It can be an incredibly difficult decision to trust the care of your loved ones in a care facility. Entering into the process is always easier when you know you can trust the staff members at a facility. As people age, it can sometimes be necessary to consider nursing homes and other care facilities as an option. An unfortunate reality in the nursing home business is that understaffing has led to a string of elder abuse throughout the nation. A recent news article detailed the culmination of a four-week inspection of a nursing home following allegations of abuse and one death.

What Should I Do if I Suspect Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect?

In Maryland, the appropriate program to contact if you suspect your family member or loved one is suffering from abuse is the Maryland Adult Protective Services (APS). APS investigates the exploitation and abuse of adults and elderly individuals throughout the state, including physical, mental, emotional, and financial abuse. Common signs of abuse include unexplained bruising, burning, scarring, depression, confusion, or dramatic changes in spending habits. Simply staying in close contact with your family member or loved one can tip you off to these common symptoms and could potentially save lives. It is important to remember that abuse can be perpetrated by a loved one, caregivers, or staff at a nursing home facility.

According to a recent news piece, an eastern Iowa nursing home has been cited for numerous instances of resident abuse and for contributing to the death of a resident. The Iowa Department of Inspections, Appeals, and Licensing (DIAL) recently completed a four-week inspection of Parkview Manor in Wellman and cited the nursing home facility for 24 state and federal regulatory violations, an extremely high number. The state agency proposed $35,750 in fines but is holding those fines in suspension while the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services determine whether to impose federal penalties for the violations. State records indicate that at the time of the inspection, DIAL had a backlog of 16 uninvestigated complaints involving the nursing home. Of the 24 violations, issues range from allegations of medication errors to failure to manage residents’ pain, and failure to provide sufficient nursing staff. One of the incidents investigated by inspectors was regarding a death in the facility that occurred in September.

Do You Need a Maryland Elder Abuse Attorney?

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