Maryland Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Can Be Hard to Comprehend, But It Happens All the Time

It’s hard to believe that Maryland nursing home abuse and neglect occurs. When individuals place their families in a nursing home, they expect that the home and the staff will take care of them, look after them, and keep them safe. Families place loved ones in a facility to be cared for because their aging family member can no longer care for themselves. That is one of the reasons the reality of Maryland nursing home abuse and neglect is so tragic, and it can be difficult for individuals to wrap their minds around.

A recent tragic example of nursing home abuse was reported last month, concerning a 91-year-old disabled woman. According to a local news report, the incident occurred late at night and into the early morning, when one staff member put the resident on the toilet inside of her apartment at 8:20 PM. The staff member instructed another caregiver to put the resident to bed once she was finished. But the caregiver never did. Instead, the resident was left on the toilet. She was not found until more than six hours had passed, around 2:45 AM, at which point she was on the floor. The whole ordeal was captured on video by a camera that her daughter had placed in her room. In the video, the woman could be heard moaning, crying, and repeatedly saying, “help me.” To add insult to injury, the two employees were caught on video surveillance cameras in a dining room, taking selfies for over an hour, according to an arrest report.

In addition, the resident’s daughter told investigators that this was not the first time her mother was left on the floor of her apartment. Once before, her mother had been left for five hours—a concerning pattern.

It’s unclear at this point whether or not the daughter or any other family members plan to take legal action against the nursing home. But incidents like this one—while difficult to hear about—are important to be aware of. Nursing home neglect and abuse are far more common than most people think, in Maryland and across the nation. Residents in the homes are extremely vulnerable, and they often may have difficulty advocating for themselves, understanding what is happening to them, or telling loves ones what is happening. This reality, plus the fact that many nursing homes are understaffed, contributes to high instances of abuse and neglect.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured in a Maryland Nursing Home?

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