Maryland Nursing Home Abuse Victims Often Disclose Abuse to Loved Ones First

When a family member places their loved one in a Maryland nursing home, they are doing so to protect and care for their family member. However, unfortunately, each year thousands of nursing home residents report abuse or neglect in their institutions. There may even be more incidents than we are aware of, because many victims are unable to report their injuries, or are not believed when they do report. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in the rate of Maryland nursing home abuse. This is due in part to the aging population and an increase in life expectancy across the country.

Nursing home abuse can cause severe physical and psychological injury to the victims and their families. For instance, an 86-year-old woman was recently severely injured while staying in a nursing home. According to a local news report covering the incident, it is unknown exactly what happened to the resident, who suffered severe injuries to her face, including a broken nose, double fractures in her face, and stitches. Her son claims that his mother was assaulted, although the nursing home insists that she fell and there was no abuse.

Tragically, this is not the first time that the victim was injured from alleged nursing home abuse. Reportedly, she has told her son multiple times that her aides in the nursing home have been rough with her and hit her, causing noticeable bruising. Her son is heartbroken, having had to place his mother in the facility after she broke her hip and become totally disabled. An investigation is in progress.

When nursing home abuse happens, victims and their family members can feel hopeless and helpless about what to do. Many families are unable to transfer their loved ones to a different facility due to finances, location considerations, and other concerns. However, Maryland law allows the victims of the abuse and/or their family members to file suit against a nursing home and hold it liable for the injuries they cause. While this will never undo the damage that has been done, it may help the victims and their families recover from their trauma. The financial assistance may also make it possible for the family to move their loved one to a safer nursing home to avoid future abuse.

Do You Need a Maryland Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?

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