Maryland Nursing Home Abuse Cases Stemming from Negligent Hiring

Maryland nursing homes and assisted living facilities are tasked with caring for some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Families often place their loved ones in the care of these facilities to ensure that their relatives get the critical care they require after a medical event or during the end stages of their lives. These facilities carry a significant amount of responsibility, and the failure to meet appropriate standards can have disastrous consequences on their residents.

Administrators, medical professionals, and other staff members who fail to provide residents with appropriate care may be responsible for the injuries and losses the victim encounters. Many Maryland nursing home abuse and negligence cases stem from the facility’s negligent hiring and retention practices. For example, a state Attorney General’s office recently reached a $90,000 settlement with a nursing home following the facility’s emergency response failures and negligence. According to the announcement, the facility neglected a resident, which resulted in death. Further, the settlement addressed the nursing home’s failure to comply with standard safety regulations and staff competencies. The settlement requires the nursing home company to distribute the funds to a Long-Term Care Facility Quality Improvement Fund. This fund will allow nursing homes to improve the quality of care they provide to residents by ensuring staff competencies and ongoing training.

When Does Negligent Hiring Come into Play in a Nursing Home Lawsuit?

Negligent hiring claims are relevant when an employer is responsible for failing to engage in a thorough background screening of their employee. Plaintiffs asserting these claims must establish that the employer’s failure to engage in reasonable steps led to the hiring or retaining an incompetent and potentially dangerous employee. Nursing home administrators should conduct a full background check before hiring an employee. These background checks may include reference checks, verification of licenses and educational training, and drug testing.

Negligent hiring can lead to patient neglect and abuse. For example, unqualified nurses may administer the incorrect medication dosage, or an employee with a history of violence may engage in assaults against a vulnerable resident. Negligent hiring places residents at risk of severe injuries or death. The most common Maryland nursing home injuries include bedsores, fractures, scratches, bruises, traumatic brain injuries, sexual abuse, humiliation or degradation, theft, malnutrition, and deaths related to medication errors. Families who believe their loved one is experiencing nursing home abuse should contact authorities and an attorney.

Maryland Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

If you or someone you know has experienced Maryland nursing home abuse or negligence, you should contact the attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen. The attorneys on our team have a history of successfully advocating for vulnerable individuals in our community. We handle claims stemming from Maryland motor vehicle accidents, nursing home abuse and neglect, premises liability, defective products, medical malpractice, and wrongful death. Our skilled and experienced attorneys have recovered significant amounts of compensation for our clients. Compensation in most personal injury claims includes payments for medical expenses, lost wages and benefits, pain and suffering and more. Contact our office at 800-654-1949 to schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney on our team.

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