Maryland Assisted Living and Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

While nursing home abuse has steadily increased over the last two decades, sexual abuse in nursing homes goes underreported. Like sexual abuse in other settings, Maryland nursing home residents experiencing sexual abuse may be reluctant to report the conduct for fear that others won’t believe them or that they will face retribution. Although other forms of abuse outnumber sexual abuse at nursing homes, these instances can be severely psychologically and physically damaging to the resident and their family members.

The physical signs of sexual abuse are not as apparent to friends and families compared to other forms of abuse and neglect. However, sexual abuse can result in serious emotional, physical, and psychological trauma. Any unwanted romantic or sexual conduct may amount to sexual abuse. Vulnerable individuals residing in these facilities may not be able to consent or defend against these instances effectively.

Who Is Most Likely to Commit Nursing Home Sexual Abuse?

Many people may perpetrate these crimes against residents in nursing homes. The most likely abusers are staff members such as aides and nurses, fellow residents, and even visitors. Nursing home staff have the most access to the residents and are most knowledgeable about the victim’s ability to communicate what is happening to them. Other common perpetrators are facility residents. This often occurs when the resident suffers a psychiatric disorder or a history of sexual abuse. Finally, visitors, including family members and those on-site for another reason, may sexually abuse residents. Nursing home administrators should take steps to ensure their residents receive protection from those who may have the propensity to abuse others.

According to a recent report, a nursing home director was recently charged for failing to report sexual abuse at an assisted living facility. The director ran an assisted living facility linked to a series of sexual crimes committed by a staff member. Police arrested the staff member for accusations related to sexually assaulting two of the facility’s residents. Some of the victim’s family members reported the instances to the administrators. They later discovered that the director and other administrators failed to report the crimes.

This type of abuse often goes undetected until the abuse victim suffers irreparable harm. Nursing home staff and family members should remain vigilant in protecting nursing home residents. Some common signs of sexual abuse are bleeding and bruising, bloody or stained linens and clothing, sexually transmitted disease, unusual or sudden fear, depression, failure to communicate, and unexplained pain.

Has Your Loved One Experienced Nursing Home Abuse?

If you believe that your loved one is a victim of abuse at a nursing home, contact the Maryland nursing home abuse attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen. Our attorneys have vast experience handling these and other sensitive personal injury and wrongful death cases on behalf of Maryland victims. While financial compensation can never fully undo the harm these victims experienced, it can help provide justice. In addition to nursing home abuse cases, our firm handles Maryland car accident cases, premises liability lawsuits, and medical malpractice claims. Contact our office at 800-654-1949 to schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney on our legal team.


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