Investigative Reporting Uncovers Nursing Home Neglect

Earlier this week, a New Jersey news source published an article documenting an investigative report that looked into allegations of abuse and neglect in area nursing homes. The results were published in a recent article.

The article documents several upsetting instances of abuse and neglect, as well as a theme of frustration and lack of care and consideration on the part of management. One woman interviewed in the article, a former nurse, claimed that she was unofficially forced out after she blew the whistle on other employees who were engaging in abusive and neglectful conduct.

One example she relayed was an 85-year-old resident who had been at the nursing home for four years. The nurse reported seeing another nurse at the facility tie the elderly woman to a wheelchair to keep her from moving. She was able to capture an image and provided that to reporters, who confronted several nursing home employees, asking how often this happens. Not surprisingly, everyone denied that such conduct ever occurs and refused to speak to anyone after they were shown an image proving it happened at the facility.

In fact, in a lawsuit filed against the nursing home by that woman’s family, it is alleged that the nursing home has actually fabricated records to cover up this and other instances of abuse and neglect.

Covering Up Nursing Home Abuse

In Maryland, as in New Jersey, nurses at nursing home facilities accept a legal responsibility to their patients to provide an adequate level of care. Of course, this duty requires they do not physically abuse or neglect the patients and in fact goes beyond that. However, instances of nursing home abuse and neglect are not uncommon in Maryland. What is frightening is for every instance that is reported, it is estimated that several instances go unreported or are covered up successfully by nursing home staff.

Accountability in nursing homes is notoriously absent. With residents who often suffer from advanced forms of mental and physical illness and are away from their loved ones, nurses are not always held to the high standard the law requires of them. Add to that the fact that claims of abuse often fall on skeptical ears, and the reality is that nursing home abuse and neglect are grossly underreported.

When a family member suspects abuse or neglect has occurred, they should immediately act to secure their loved one’s safety before it is too late. A Maryland nursing home attorney may be able to help an injured resident or their family obtain compensation for any injuries or suffering caused by abusive or neglectful nursing home staff.

Is Your Loved One at Risk in a Maryland Nursing Home?

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