Inadequate Supervision and Neglect in Maryland Nursing Homes

While many of the Maryland nursing home cases we handle involve egregious instances of physical and sexual abuse committed against residents, the harms that befall neglected nursing home residents are often just as serious. Maryland nursing home residents are placed in skilled nursing facilities because they are unable to take care of their own basic needs. Thus, residents rely on nursing home staff for assistance with eating, bathing, using the bathroom, taking medication, and other daily tasks. When nursing home staff members fail to provide the individualized care and attention that a resident needs and deserves, a resident’s health will naturally suffer as a result.

By accepting a resident into its care, a Maryland nursing home assumes both a contractual and legal duty to provide a certain level of care to the resident. If the resident’s condition worsens or is otherwise injured due to a facility’s failure to provide necessary services, the resident or a family member may be able to pursue a claim for compensation against the facility.

Family Considers Lawsuit Following Resident’s Death

Last month, an 86-year-old veteran died while he was in the care of a nursing home. According to a local news report, nurses discovered an infection in the resident’s groin on February 16, 2019. At the time, the nurse taking the report indicated that she could smell that the man had an infection upon entering his room.

Despite the nurse’s initial report, staff members did not treat the resident’s infection until five days later. By that time, the infection had developed into gangrene, requiring doctors to amputate the resident’s genitals. The resident died a short time later.

Investigators from the Florida Department of Children and Families began an investigation into the resident’s death, concluding that it was caused by “inadequate supervision and neglect.” Evidently, this was not the first time that this particular nursing home has had difficulty complying with state regulations. In 2015, the facility was cited for failing to have staff members perform required assessments of residents and, in 2016, the home was cited for having insufficient staff levels.

The family of the deceased resident told reporters that they are considering pursuing a wrongful death claim against the facility.

Do You Have a Loved One in a Maryland Nursing Home?

If you have a loved one in a Maryland nursing home, and believe that they are not receiving the care and support that they require, contact the dedicated Maryland nursing home neglect attorneys at the law firm of Lebowitz & Mzhen, LLC. At Lebowitz & Mzhen, we have over two decades of experience handling nursing home abuse and neglect cases across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. We take pride in the level of representation that we provide, which is evident through the results that we are able to obtain for our clients. To discuss how we can help you pursue a claim against those responsible for your loved one’s injuries, call 410-654-3600 to schedule a free consultation today.

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