Hollywood Legend Mickey Rooney Testifies in Congress About Elder Abuse

Our Maryland nursing home abuse attorneys recently discussed different types of elder abuse, plaguing aging victims in nursing homes across the country. According to the Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987, all nursing home residents are entitled to freedom of abuse, neglect and misappropriation of funds. Elder neglect and abuse are also considered criminal acts regardless of whether they occur inside or outside of a nursing home.

Earlier this month, legendary Hollywood actor Mickey Rooney gave a passionate testimonial in Congress about the problem of elder abuse, affecting 3.5 million victims in this country every year—including movie stars like Rooney.

Rooney, who is now 90-years old, testified before a special Senate committee considering legislation to curb senior abuse, telling the committee about the main forms of elder abuse and neglect–physical and emotional abuse, where elders don’t get the help or treatment they pay for at nursing homes, and financial abuse, where an elder’s life savings can be stolen or swindled, often by people who are closest to them.

In Rooney’s case, he made shocking allegations against his stepson and stepdaughter, claiming that while they were in charge of providing care of their mother and Rooney, they embezzled $400,000 of his life savings, took his Oscar and Emmys, put a lock on his refrigerator and left him with one pair of shoes.

In February, a Los Angeles judge extended a restraining order against his Rooney’s stepson, alleging that he threatened, harassed and intimidated him into signing his assets over to him, and that he prevented him from leaving his home. Last week, a settlement was reached between Rooney and his stepson and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Reva Goetz approved the provisions of Rooney’s voluntary agreement to make his attorney permanent conservator of the actor and Rooney’s estate.

As a result of the alleged elder abuse, Rooney has publicly stated that at 90-years old, he is now back to work, because he is so financially strapped. According to Senator Herb Kohl (D-WI) elders are vulnerable because they are often in a fragile state, leading their abusers to prevent them from getting caught with their abusive crimes.

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