Family of ‘Kung Fu judge’ Claims Neglect and Wrongful Death in Nursing Home Lawsuit

As Maryland Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys, we have been following the recent $10 million lawsuit filed by the family of John Phillips, a well known judge from Brooklyn, alleging that a Park Slope nursing home gave him substandard care and treated him with negligence, leading to his wrongful death.

According to the suit, Judge John Phillips, otherwise known as the “Kung Fu judge” for making martial arts moves in court during his 17 years as a Civil Court judge, the Prospect Park Residence allegedly neglected to give Phillips meals that adhered to his diabetic restrictions, and often missed giving him his necessary insulin shots.

Phillips was a resident in the Prospect Park Residence for eight months, until his death at the age of 83, after collapsing in an elevator of the home. His family claims that his wrongful death resulted from nursing home negligence.

According to the family of Phillips, he was a health fanatic, with a 10th-degree black belt in martial arts, who never drank alcohol or smoked cigarettes. He reportedly went to bed every night at eight o’clock in the evening.

His nephew, Rev. Samuel Boykin, claimed that after he moved into the nursing home, his health deteriorated rapidly, and his family was worried that his life was in danger due to the negligence of the home.

Boykin lives in Ohio, and pleaded with the court guardianship to let Phillips be moved into his home, after the court-appointed guardians lost all of Phillips’ assets and neglected to properly care for him. His request was turned down. Boykin claimed that the very justice system that he Phillips served ultimately let him down. His family and friends claim that by not controlling his diabetes, the nursing home made life-threatening mistakes that ultimately killed him.

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Family of ‘Kung Fu judge’ John Phillips Sues Nursing Home Over Death, Allege Missed Insulin Shots, New York Daily News, February 11, 2010

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