Family Installs “Granny Cam” to Catch Nursing Home Abuse—Sues for Wrongful Death

According to a recent Baltimore County nursing home lawyer blog entry, our attorneys discussed recent cases of nursing home abuse and negligence, where hidden cameras or “Granny Cams” were used in nursing homes by families who suspected that their loved ones were being treated with abuse or negligence, and didn’t trust the nursing home staff responsible for their healthcare and safety—filing lawsuits after the abuse was revealed on-camera.

In another recent nursing home abuse lawsuit, the children of an 87-year-old resident of a New Jersey nursing home have sued the home for wrongful death, after the children caught the their mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, being physically abused by a nurse on a hidden camera placed in her room—which they claim led to her death.

The resident’s children reportedly suspected that their mother was being abused by her nurse, and installed a hidden camera to protect her health and safety. The camera footage reportedly showed the nursing home aide removing the victim’s oxygen mask and negligently, recklessly, and intentionally hitting and abusing her while she was supposed to be providing proper healthcare.

The victim’s family claim that this kind of abuse made their mother suffer, and violated her rights as a citizen and as a nursing home resident—as all nursing home residents under law are entitled to receive quality care and attention in an environment that improves and maintains the quality of their mental and physical health.

The lawsuit names the former nursing aide, the home’s owners and affiliates (New York-Presbyterian Medical Center), and managers as defendants. The complaint claims that the resident suffered a death that was premature as a direct result of the defendants’ omissions, actions and abuse, by showing negligence by failing to protect the health and safety of an elderly and defenseless woman. The home is also being accused of violating state and federal regulations by neglecting to report the family’s original complaint of suspected nursing home abuse, and to follow up on the abuse complaint.

If a nursing home resident in Baltimore, Maryland becomes injured or dies because of nursing home neglect or abuse, the nursing home could be held liable for Maryland nursing home negligence or wrongful death. Contact our attorneys today to discuss your nursing home rights.

Wrongful Death Complaint Filed in Hudson County, New Jersey Resulting from Alleged Nursing Home Resident Abuse Captured on “Granny Cam”, PR Newswire, June 22, 2011

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