Estate Sues, Claims Nursing Home’s Negligence Led to Wrongful Death

A former nursing home resident’s estate has filed suit against the facility the man was living in when he died, accusing the facility of negligence which caused the man to suffer several falls while in its care, which ultimately led to his death.

The suit was filed on behalf of the estate of a former resident who died in September of last year at an Edwardsville, Illinois care facility. The suit alleges that the man was a resident in the facility from July 7, 2012 until the time of his death, which was the result of a subdural hematoma.

The suit specifically alleges that, “The cause of death was a subdural hematoma; said medical condition was a direct result of multiple falls by the decedent, at the Eden Village facility.” According to the complaint, the man suffered falls on at least four separate occasions from the end of July through August. In addition to the falls leading to his death, the estate alleges that the falls caused the plaintiff extensive pain and suffering, and were the ultimate cause of his death.

As a resident, the man required daily living assistance and rehabilitation. Subject to these requirements, the suit claims that the facility failed to care the decedent in a way which encouraged the maintenance and of his quality of life and dignity.
In addition to the wrongful death claims, the suit also alleges various other claims based on negligence. The estate is seeking at least $50,000 in damages for two of its claims.

When our loved ones become residents in nursing homes or assisted care facilities, we are entrusting the care of our family to skilled professionals. We hope that they will make sure that our loved ones receive the proper treatments and therapies that they need, and that they will be safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

If you have a loved one in a nursing facility, and you believe that they are being neglected or abused, you should not hesitate to speak with an experienced nursing home abuse attorney who can advise you what steps to take in order to make sure your loved one is being cared for. Aside from acting quickly in order to protect your loved one’s safety, there may be relevant statutes of limitations, setting a time limit on your potential legal claims.

If you are worried that an elderly friend or relative who is living in a nursing home or assisted living facility within the Maryland or the Washington D.C. areas is suffering from nursing home neglect or abuse, contact the experienced nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys at At Lebowitz & Mzhen immediately. We help people in Maryland obtain compensation for injuries caused by nursing home abuse or neglect. To schedule your complimentary and confidential initial consultation, contact us by calling (800) 654-1949 or through our website.

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