Estate of Sexually Assaulted Resident Sues for Negligence and Abuse

As Baltimore, Maryland nursing home injury attorneys, we have been following the news of a recent tragedy, where the estate of nursing home resident Mary Speigl, who was living in the Franciscan Villa nursing home, is suing the home for nursing home negligence and abuse, after Speigl was reportedly raped by a male resident last year, and died less than one month later.

According to the lawsuit, Mary Speigl, a 90-year-old nursing home resident in South Milwaukee, was sexually assaulted by a male resident who was well known for being sexually aggressive in the home, and reportedly allowed to wander the nursing home halls unsupervised. The lawsuit alleges the nursing home neglected to monitor the resident, and as a result, the resident allegedly wandered into the elderly woman’s room and sexually assaulted her. Speigl’s estate is suing the nursing home for punitive damages, among other fees.

Nursing home negligence and abuse is a serious problem in nursing homes today, often resulting in patient injury or wrongful death. Our attorneys at Lebowitz and Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers believe that elderly nursing home patients should be given their lawful right to special care, attention and supervision that provides a safe, secure, and protected environment, where they are kept safe from unstable or aggressive residents.

If a nursing home resident becomes injured or dies because the home failed to protect the resident’s health and safety, the nursing home could be held liable for wrongful death or Maryland nursing home negligence. In Baltimore, Maryland, contact our attorneys today.

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