Elder Abuse in Maryland Nursing Homes

Maryland nursing homes have long been viewed with a skeptical eye when it comes to the level of care they provide to residents. For one, nursing home residents are in essence isolated from their loved ones, except for very specific times during a visit from family members. Additionally, family members can never really know what is happening to their loved one when they leave, especially if their loved one suffers from serious physical or mental health issues preventing them from effectively communicating with family members about their care.

That being said, nursing homes have a duty to provide all residents with a certain level of care that comports with the standards imposed by society in general. While the specifics of the duty owed to residents can vary, it always includes maintaining a safe environment that is free of abuse and neglect.

When a nursing home resident suffers from abuse or neglect, family members may be able to pursue a Maryland nursing home abuse or neglect lawsuit to obtain compensation for their loved one’s suffering. These lawsuits rely on general principles of negligence for the most part, but some nursing home cases do involve issues of medical malpractice, especially when the defendant is a licensed or certified nurse. In such cases, additional requirements may be placed upon a plaintiff filing a lawsuit against the nursing home. Anyone considering filing a Maryland nursing home abuse or neglect lawsuit should consult with a dedicated Maryland personal injury attorney prior to doing so.

Nursing Home Employee Charged with Abusing a Patient

Earlier this month, another nursing home employee was charged with several felonies in relation to allegations that she abused a patient in the nursing home facility where she worked. According to a local news report, the woman was accused of abusing one of her patients, an 87-year-old man. She was terminated from her position and arrested after one of the resident’s family members discovered the abuse.

Evidently, the nursing home employee allegedly placed baby oil on the feet of one resident, causing him to fall. Additionally, the woman was accused of forcefully placing a pillow over the resident’s face, restricting his breathing. Thus far into the investigation, there has only been one victim discovered; however, an investigation is underway to determine if there are other potential victims of abuse.

Is Your Loved One at Risk of Abuse or Neglect?

If you have a loved one in a Maryland nursing home, and you believe that they may have been subject to abuse or neglect, contact a dedicated Maryland personal injury attorney at the law firm of Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers. At Lebowitz & Mzhen, we handle all types of cases against nursing homes, including those involving allegations of abuse, neglect, and medical malpractice. We even handle slip-and-fall injuries that occur in nursing home facilities. To learn more, and to speak with one of our dedicated Maryland personal injury attorneys about your case, call 410-654-3600 today.

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