Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes and Violations of State Standards

State standards and federal regulations are set to help protect and keep nursing home patients safe, to keep the families and loved ones of the patients informed, and to help prospective patients look for a place to call home to make informed decisions. Allegations of abuse or neglect must be reported to the facility administrator, and nursing home facilities must notify the proper individuals within a designated time frame.

In a recent news report, a video captured the moment where two employees of a Texas city nursing home dragged an 87-year-old-man across the floor. The employees can be seen hitting and kicking the elderly man, and tossing him onto the bed. According to his family, facility staff told them that the man fell and had to go to the hospital as a result. The family decided to install a camera after the 87-year-old complained of staff members mistreating him. The patient is currently in the hospital suffering from bruised eyes and wearing a neck brace. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission records revealed that inspectors found 11 violations of state standards at the nursing home during the most recent check-in in July 2021. The nursing home was fined $19,800.

Are Most Nursing Homes Transparent About What’s Going On Inside the Facility?

Transparency in nursing home reports is extremely important because it allows patients and their loved ones, and prospective patients to have more knowledge regarding a facility’s history of care, including any violations of state standards set to protect patients. In February 2022, the White House released a fact sheet detailing information regarding protecting seniors by improving safety and quality of care in our nation’s nursing homes.

According to the fact sheet, a recent study found that residents in nursing homes acquired by private equity were 11.1 percent more likely to have a preventable emergency department visit and 8.7 percent more likely to experience a preventable hospitalization. Some of the initiatives detailed in the White House’s fact sheet includes establishing a minimum nursing home staffing requirement, reducing resident room crowding, reinforcing safeguards against unnecessary medication and treatments, adequately funding inspection activities, and increasing transparency by creating a database of nursing home owners and operators.

Do You Need a Maryland Nursing Home Neglect Attorney?

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