Caregiver Receives Prison Sentence for Nursing Home Negligence

A recent special report entitled “Seniors for Sale,” published by the Seattle Times, uncovered hundreds of cases of nursing home abuse, negligence and wrongful death in adult homes in Washington, where seniors had been injured or died as a result of neglect or substandard care in adult homes, often by receiving care from healthcare providers who were not properly trained.

As nursing home neglect lawyers based in Baltimore, Maryland, we have been following the recent news that in one of the cases, the former owner of an adult family home received a one year prison sentence for her role in the nursing home negligence and wrongful death of an 87-year old at Houghton’s Lakeview adult home.

According to the Seattle Times, 62-year-old Patricia Goodwill pleaded guilty to second-degree criminal mistreatment, for creating a substantial risk of death for resident Jean Rudolph, by failing to protect the elderly woman from developing pressure sores, and for failing to ensure proper care. Rudolph reportedly died of pressure sores that were untreated, and suffered greatly for three weeks prior to her death without proper treatment for her wounds.

As our Maryland nursing home attorneys discussed in a previous blog, elderly or immobile residents are at great risk for pressure sores, and one small inflammation can quickly develop into a deep crater that can be extremely painful, hard to heal, and can cause serious infection. It is important for nursing homes and adult care facilities to practice pressure sore prevention and treatment, to avoid nursing home neglect or wrongful death.

Our attorneys at Lebowitz and Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers support the rights for Maryland and Washington D.C. residents to receive excellent care in a nursing home or assisted living environment is free from nursing home negligence that could result in injury or wrongful death. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Owner of Kirkland Adult Home Sentenced to 1 Year, Seattle Times, December 18, 2010

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