CA Judge Accepts $50M Nursing Home Lawsuit Settlement from Skilled Healthcare

In recent blog, our Baltimore, Maryland nursing home negligence attorneys discussed the recent announcement by the California nursing home operator Skilled Healthcare Group Inc., who offered an over $50 million lawsuit settlement to avoid paying the $677 million verdict in damages, awarded by a Humboldt County jury earlier this year after a year long nursing home negligence trial.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a judge recently approved the nursing home operator’s agreement to pay almost $63 million to settle the nursing home negligence lawsuit, after the company claimed it would face bankruptcy if forced to pay the $677 million verdict to the former and current patients of the home.

In the July verdict, the jury found that Skilled Healthcare violated state regulations by neglecting to properly staff the legally mandated number of nurses required for duty in the 22 facilities throughout California, leading to the nursing home neglect of the residents.

The company reportedly agreed to pay $50 million to the nearly 32,000 patients who lived at one of Skilled Healthcare’s 22 homes in California, and to their lawyers. According to California State law, nursing homes are required to provide 3.2 hours of direct skilled nursing care per day, per patient, so Skilled Healthcare will also reportedly pay around $12.8 million to comply with the California mandated staffing levels. In exchange, the Plaintiffs reportedly agree to formally dismiss the original verdict.

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Judge OKs $50M Settlement in Nursing Home Lawsuit, The San Francisco Chronicle, December 1, 2010

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