Available Damages Against a Negligent Maryland Nursing Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on many growing concerns surrounding the care and treatment many residents experience at Maryland nursing homes. At the same time, many nursing homes continue to lobby for additional protections from suits, litigation against these facilities increases. The public perception of nursing homes tends to be poor, mainly stemming from highly publicized cases of abuse and the surge of coronavirus infection amongst many residents and staff.

Many Maryland nursing home cases involve allegations of neglect, physical abuse, restraints, ulcers, and falls. However, regardless of the cause of the incident, these cases are harrowing and can result in serious injuries and fatalities. While nursing homes and assisted living facilities often divert blame onto a “bad seed” employee, the fact remains that these agencies maintain the duty to ensure the health and safety of their residents and patients. Further, nursing homes may be held liable for their actions in concealing their staff’s negligence or wrongful acts.

For instance, a state report recently found that a nursing home hid allegations of abuse and neglect for its residents. According to the report, an administrator admitted to an investigator that they were told not to report abuse allegations to the inspections department. In addition, the report also revealed that a dietary manager and an aide worked for 30 days straight. Another night cook abruptly left the facility after working for 28 days without assistance. The cook’s departure resulted in a maintenance worker taking over the kitchen; however that worker did not know how to run the dishwasher. The disruptions in meal services resulted in nurses holding insulin for patients waiting for meals.

What damages are available in a Maryland nursing home negligence lawsuit?

Residents and their loved ones who successfully bring a nursing home negligence claim may recover compensation for the injuries or loss of life they suffered. This includes economic and non-economic damages, such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of quality of life. Further, the law entitles surviving spouses and children to recover compensation for the emotional suffering they experienced because of the loss of their spouse or parent. In very rare cases, a claimant may recover punitive damages. Although many of these cases are incredibly disturbing, the law limits damages to cases where the at-fault party engaged in actual malice with an intent to harm.

Maryland Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Lawyer

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