Are Staff Shortages and COVID Concerns Too Much for Maryland Nursing Homes?

The last couple of years has been extremely difficult for much of America. The nursing home industry is no exception. Starting with the COVID-19 pandemic in early-2020 all the way up through today, nursing homes are having an increasingly difficult time providing adequate care for their many residents. Not surprisingly, the instances of nursing home abuse and neglect are also increasing, as those that remain on staff in long-term care facilities are overworked. Despite these challenges, a nursing home’s duty to its residents does not change and when a nursing home fails to provide the necessary level of care—for whatever reason—residents and their families can take legal action against the facility.

An all-too-common example of what many families are experiencing comes from a recent news report. A woman noticed a sharp decline in the quality of care her mother was receiving. At first, it was smaller things, but when her mother contracted COVID-19 and things didn’t seem to improve, she called the police. Police officers arrived and arranged to have the elderly woman transferred to a nearby hospital. The woman is in stable condition.

Continuing their investigation, police officers then tried to call the facility to learn more about what was going on behind closed doors. No one picked up. Eventually, police contacted the local Department of Health, which opened an investigation into the facility. All new admissions into the nursing home were also frozen.

In the aftermath of the news outlet’s initial article, many others with family members at the same facility reached out, expressing their concerns about the level of care their loved ones were receiving. Sadly, it appears that many of those living in the facility were too afraid to speak up about the conditions. They fear retaliation from staff members.

It was also determined that the facility had been cited in the past for violating staffing requirements. Since January 25, 2022, the facility reports 42 resident cases of COVID-19 and 18 staff cases.

How Has COVID-19 Affected Maryland Nursing Homes?

Certainly, the COVID-19 crisis and the ensuing staff shortage many nursing homes are experiencing make it challenging for these facilities to operate. However, that is no excuse for a nursing home to put residents’ lives in jeopardy by engaging in neglect. If nursing homes cannot care for the residents in their care, management has options, including pausing new admissions. However, many nursing homes are continuing to take residents’ money, giving them little in return.

Is Your Loved One at Risk in a Maryland Nursing Home of Assisted Living Facility?

If you have a loved one in a Maryland nursing home and fear that they may be subject to abuse or neglect, reach out to Lebowitz & Mzhen, Personal Injury Lawyers for immediate assistance. At Lebowitz & Mzhen, we have decades of experience successfully pursuing Maryland nursing home abuse and neglect cases against facilities, helping families recover much-needed compensation for what they’ve been through. To learn more, and to schedule a free consultation, contact Lebowitz & Mzhen at 800-654-1949 today. You can also reach our nursing home resident advocates through our online contact form.

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