Another Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit for Madison County Home

A fourth nursing home abuse and negligence lawsuit has been filed this week against the owners of a Kentucky nursing home complex, after a resident allegedly suffered from inadequate care when her healthcare rights and safety were reportedly threatened.

According to a news development from the Richmond Register that our Maryland nursing home attorneys have been watching, Viola Fields was a resident of Kenwood Health and Rehabilitation Center from the end of October until the beginning of December in 2010. James Rutherford, Fields’ guardian, claimed that Fields, who is incapacitated and not of a sound mind, did not receive the minimum standard of healthcare that should have been available to her as a vulnerable nursing home resident. Rutherford claims that the home violated her nursing home rights as a long-term care resident.

The lawsuit accuses Kenwood of nursing home negligence for failing to provide Fields with timely and accurate nursing home healthcare and medication assessments, proper resident supervision, necessary medical intervention, and from failing to prevent accidental injury. Kenwood is also being accused of medical and corporate negligence.

Rutherford claims that the nursing home’s wrongful conduct caused the rapid deterioration of Fields’ health and physical condition, and led to the direct development untreated pressure ulcers, wound infections, sepsis, pneumonia, urinary tract infections and weight loss. The lawsuit accuses the home of acting with fraud, malice, gross negligence and reckless disregard for the health and safety of Fields and her rights as a nursing home resident. Rutherford claims that because of these injuries, Fields experienced physical impairment, and suffered embarrassment, along with incurring significant medical expenses.

Kenwood is a companion facility to Madison Manor, residing in separate buildings on the same property. This is the fourth lawsuit against the nursing home complex and owners this year. The owners of the homes have reportedly been sued 18 times since 2008 in Madison County.

Last month our Baltimore nursing home injury attorney blog discussed two of the cases, allegedly involving severe nursing home negligence that led to infections, urinary tract infections, sepsis, nursing home falls, and the accelerated deterioration of health and physical conditions that was beyond what is caused by the normal process of aging—leading to wrongful death.

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