Alabama Nursing Home Employee Indicted for Abusing 96-Year-Old Resident

Earlier last month, a former health care provider at an elderly care facility was charged for the abuse of a 96-year-old patient under her care. According to one local news report, the Alabama nursing home resident suffered injuries after the nurse was caught “grabbing or twisting her arm [and] hitting and thumping her on the head.” The 27-year-old nurse responsible was indicted for second-degree elderly abuse and neglect.

Evidently, back in August of last year, the nursing home employee got frustrated with the resident for some unknown reason and started physically abusing her. The police issued an arrest warrant for the nurse shortly after the incident was reported. However, it took them several months to locate her. Finally, in December, she was brought into custody and charged for her abusive acts.

The nursing home that employed the nurse told reporters that it has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to the abuse of residents. Its policy—which is standard in the industry—is to immediately suspend or terminate any employee who has a credible threat of abuse made against him or her.

There is no indication as to whether there is a pending civil case against the nurse or the nursing home.

Nursing Home Lawsuits in Maryland

Nursing homes are responsible for the care of thousands upon thousands of aging Marylanders. While most nursing homes pride themselves on the professionalism of their staff, there are others that are more interested in quick turnover and keeping beds full. These nursing homes often end up hiring abusive or negligent nurses who injure patients.

Abusive nurses are a serious problem in nursing homes. Often, there are no witnesses present when a nurse interacts with a patient. This gives the nurse ample opportunity to inflict whatever harm he or she wishes on the resident. Many times, a nurse does not plan on being abusive towards a patient but resorts to physical violence after becoming frustrated with the patient for one reason or another.

Alternatively, some nurses are negligent in the performance of their duties. This usually occurs when nurses are overworked by the nursing home facility and provided little in the way of back-up assistance or relief. Regardless of the reason why it arises, nursing home negligence is never acceptable and should be acted upon as soon as it is discovered.

Is Your Loved One at a Maryland Nursing Home?

If you have a loved one at a Maryland nursing home and fear that he or she may not be getting the care that he or she deserves, you should contact a dedicated Maryland nursing home attorney immediately. Whether it is a claim of abuse or negligence, the end result can be the same if action is not taken. The Maryland personal injury law firm of Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers has decades of experience bringing all kinds of personal injury lawsuits, including those arising out of nursing home abuse and neglect. To learn more, and to speak to an attorney about your situation, call 410-654-3600 today to set up a free initial consultation.

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